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To inspire and facilitate start-ups to become true global category leaders.

OUR Story

Our parent company, K-One Technology Berhad was established in 2001. We are well aware of the growing pains and struggles of start-ups. We have been through the ups and downs of nurturing and growing a business to where we are today. Since inception, K-One has been exporting more than 90% of its products and services year after year. We primarily export to Europe, US and various parts of Asia.  Our clients comprise mainly of multinationals and technology conglomerates.

We believe emerging entrepreneurs do not need to do it alone, especially, in this day and age. We are building and providing a platform, a community for entrepreneurs to work together so that each can share their knowledge, expertise, vision and last but not least, gain inspiration and support from each other.  We also wish to introduce you to our KiasuLab-Member Collaboration Program, which is a start-up ecosystem for selected members, to accelerate your product/service commercialisation and to realise your business’s full potential.


You have the opportunity to join this novel start-up ecosystem. The power from our guidance is invaluable to help you to create extraordinary value.  It is our aim to position you ultimately to become a true global category leader. You are in fact connecting with a ready-made platform and partner(s) to get a window on the world of innovation.

Our 3-step approach to accelerate your product/service commercialisation:

Prototype and Industrialisation ​

At KiasuLab, we strive to create an environment that encourages members to achieve their goals. With a great variety of skills and expertise in K-One, our Group will be there to help you in consulting and sharing our knowledge concerning prototype-building.

Mass Manufacturing ​

Our Group’s manufacturing and logistics solutions have won the trust of global OEMs and emerging technology based companies in Europe and US as some of our existing valued customers. Many of our management and engineering professionals have worked with multinationals. Thus, they are able to command a similar aptitude and culture with our prestigious customers. In addition, our strategic alliance with partners in specialized processes allow us to leverage on their expertise to provide integratred solutions at the fastest possible response time.

Commercialisation ​

KiasuLab is your partner that can advance your business to full-scale commercialisation and deliver you to the finish line.  We focus on your specific needs and address the potential shortcomings of your aspiring business. This tailored, needs-based, assistance programme is adaptive, personal and flexible.  We respect your wish to succeed on your terms, without surrendering control or abandoning your long time ambitions.